Yebo Yes

Yebo Yes

Swedish and South African dance featuring the AFIA Company. An ICE HOT 2024 event


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With massive energy and personal stories on stage YEBO YES! is inspired by isiPanstula, freestyle and club culture. The piece invites the audience to feel the dancer's individual expression on stage, unfiltered and raw together with a strong presence of unity, support and heritage. The room gradually fills up with a progressive electronic music made by Yared Tilahun Cederlund from Sweden together with vocalist Ntsika Fana Nxganga from South Africa.

YEBO YES! is a work for five dancers by/with choreographers and artistic leaders Joanna Holewa Chrona and Theresa Gustavsson from Sweden, on stage with pantsula choreographer Sibusiso Mthembu and dancers Patricia Mofokeng and David Mokale from South Africa.

The idea behind the performance grew from an ongoing exchange between David, Patricia, Theresa, Sibusiso and Joanna throughout many years. The concept started with further digging within the connection between the different individual dancers, street dances and cultures. Later in the process, the interest grew in exploring the power of personal expression, in choreography and in a club environment.


What really caught Joanna and Theresas’ interest in isiPantsula was the feeling of a synchronized mass that never seemed to stop, amongst rhythms, characters, playfulness, footwork and drive.

The meeting between the dancers, the cultures and the personalities gives the performance an honest expression and a raw image of what street-dance culture and personal expression can be.

Price: 0 - 410
Duration: 1 time.
  • Friday 16. February 2024 Kl. 18:00
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