Tidenes comeback – Fartøy Valen

Tidenes comeback – Fartøy Valen

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Rating 6! The comeback of all time. The parody master is back! Magical self-irony! Roaring laughter from start to finish, is just some of what the national press has written about Kristian Valen's comeback show. A show that has already been seen by over 190,000 audience members!

See Valen in his familiar style, creating new parodies and imitations of both Norwegian and international artists, celebrities, politicians, to new and old familiar characters created exclusively for Bærum.

Nearly 20 years ago, one of Norway's most popular comedians had his big breakthrough with the critically acclaimed show "Fartøy Valen."

Now, after five TV successes and over 20 years on stage, Kristian Valen has managed to surpass 1 million tickets sold, making him Norway's best-selling comedian.

Here, you can witness Valen's versions of various major news headlines since his last appearance. And it might be worse than you think. He speculates and candidly and playfully recounts his own embarrassments as only he can. One of Valen's numbers, which is a favorite among both the audience and the press, is where he uses Snapchat live on stage.

Join Valen on his wild voyage, where his boat "Fartøy Valen" is loaded with everything you believe and believed about Valen and his characters.

This year's political scandals are, of course, also represented. Anniken Huitfeldt, Sindre Finnes, Erna, and a Jens Stoltenberg, attempting to mediate and calm tensions, speaking English in Stoltenberg's distinctive way.

When the Siddis lad is back on stage, the title of his new show is not coincidental. Among the crew on the new "Fartøy Valen," you will find some of the characters that made Kristian so incredibly popular and loved. And they appear as they are today – not as they were – even they deserve to be portrayed in the present, although their characteristics may not have changed!"

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  • Friday 9. February 2024 Kl. 21:00
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