The phenomenal woman. Bharathanatyam dance and theatre


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Ramayana - Rama's Journey, is an Indian epic, a lengthy heroic poem, considered one of Hinduism's most important and popular sacred texts. According to tradition, it was written by the sage Valmiki around 800 BCE, but in its classical form, it was probably compiled around 100 CE.

The Ramayana epic has spread and is now a well-known narrative throughout Southeast Asia. The theater piece Surpanakai/Ravana focuses on questioning and being analytical about established stories and narratives. What does it mean to be evil? What does it mean to be good? Why are heroes often portrayed as exclusively good and villains as evil?

This performance by Arts & Dance Institute provides a new perspective on the Ramayana saga.

Price: 0 - 125
Duration: 2 t, u/pause
  • Saturday 20. January 2024 Kl. 18:15
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