An enchanting musical presented by Art Musical and Ballet School.


Lille Scene


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Join lion Alex, zebra Marty, giraffe Melman, hippo Gloria, and, of course, the hilarious penguins on a journey from the Zoo in New York to the small stage at Sandvika Theater.

Lion Alex is the king of the urban jungle, the main attraction in New York's Central Park Zoo. He and his best friends have spent their entire lives in blissful captivity in front of an admiring audience, with regular meals served on silver platters. The animals in the New York Zoo are bored. They are tired of the routine life in the zoo.

One day, Marty's curiosity gets the better of him, and the animals escape from the zoo to explore the world outside. We join them on their fantastic journey, which, of course, doesn't go as they expected.

This is an adventurous musical that the audience can't help but let loose, go completely "crack-e-lackin' in the head," and sing out, "we like to move it, move it."

Choreographers: Helene and Kristine Winter

Direction and musical direction: Astrid Hauge

Producer: Gry Spone

Price: 0 - 265
Duration: 1 t, 30 min m/pause
  • Sunday 7. April 2024 Kl. 17:00
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Lille Scene

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1337 Sandvika
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