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Judith Hill

She has sung with Michael Jackson and Prince – soul star Judith Hill is finally ready for Store Sal in May.


Store Sal


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Prince's protege and Michael Jackson's duet partner, Judith Hill, emerges as one of modern soul's great artists. In Store Sal, she comes with a setlist full of powerful songs and a tight band backing her.

Judith Hill is the backing vocalist for some of today's biggest stars who has stepped forward on stage, convincing audiences and critics with her enigmatic charisma and sparkling soul voice.

Prince's protege Hill gained international attention for her performance at Michael Jackson's memorial service and when she sang the duet "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" during his This Is It tour.

As a protege of Prince, Hill has been a backing vocalist at his concerts, and together, they recorded her critically acclaimed solo album "Back in Time" from 2015. Based on her collaborations with both MJ and Prince, Hill was featured in the documentary "20 Feet from Stardom," which focused on being a background singer for some of the greatest artists of our time.

"Baby I'm Hollywood" is Hill's latest release, and according to the artist herself, it is about accepting her own story and not hiding who she is. Hill grew up in LA, with a Japanese mother, Michiko, and an Afro-American father, Robert (Peewee), who met in a 70s funk band. Both parents contribute to "Baby I'm Hollywood" and will be on stage with their daughter during the concert at Cosmopolite – Michiko on the keyboard and Peewee on bass.

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Store Sal

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