Ingrid Olava

Ingrid Olava

At last: back on the live stage again – solo


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Get ready for songs from Ingrid's new critically acclaimed album "Blomster & Post." With a subdued and intimate soundscape and finely tuned melodic details, this January evening will bring autobiographical observations, everyday scenes, and tender tributes to nature.

Ingrid Olava has sung her way into our hearts, firmly establishing herself among the country's most substantial and important artists. This evening in the Store Sal will fully showcase how far she has come as a songwriter, communicator, and storyteller.

"Blomster & Post"

Since the critically acclaimed debut with "Juliet’s Wishes," Ingrid Olava, with her distinctive voice and beautiful piano playing, has delivered an impressive number of concerts and a song catalog that has resulted in numerous awards and nominations throughout a 15-year pop career.

In addition to her own strong catalog with audience favorites like "Only Just Begun," "Back to Love," "Warrior Song," "Jackie Kennedy," "Jupiter," and "Mens Jeg Sover" (While I'm Sleeping), Olava has always embraced and interpreted other artists. In the concert format, Ingrid Olava has thus evolved into an eclectic mix of her own and others' material.

Now she is back with the album "Blomster & Post," which is about life: anxiety about both the apocalypse and running into an ex on the street. Becoming a mother, death, wanting to be Jeanne d’Arc, but ending up as an amusement park. The journey home, whether one can be summoned again, and light.

Price: 0 - 380
Duration: 1 t, 15 min u/pause
  • Friday 26. January 2024 Kl. 19:00
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