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Yes, you read it correctly: Eric Cantona – the Manchester United legend!


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Did you know that he is a musician in addition to being an actor, coach, poet, and painter? This April evening, there will be few kung-fu kicks and goals in the corner, but plenty of soulful tunes in a musical landscape that draws inspiration from Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.

Eric the King Manchester United's legendary number seven, a football enfant terrible, Eric the King. With four Premier League and two FA Cup trophies won for Manchester United, Eric Cantona is a true legend.

Since retiring as a player in 1997, Cantona has not been idle. As an actor, he has appeared in films directed by greats such as Alain Corneau and Ken Loach. Film and theater have not been enough for a creative soul: Cantona is also a visual artist, writes poetry, and takes photographs. And, most notably, now he is also expressing himself as a songwriter and artist.

Cantona has a great need to express himself creatively in many fields. Now, the audience will get to experience a new side of Cantona: the artist. But, after all, the most important thing is how does it sound? Listen to a song like "The Friends We Lost," and you get close to Cantona. A rugged voice with the imprint of a lot of life experiences. Confident yet on a quest for his expression.

Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Serge Gainsbourg are often cited as important influences, and we believe Cantona lives up to the comparison. Here, you get whispering crooning performed by a chanteur who delivers archetypal Cantona-like statements: Like a red snake in the water / In mind a winning number / Listen to the silence over the fear / The deep ocean that we can’t hear.

Whether you are a die-hard ManU fan, love his movies, or just want to experience a new side of a creative soul: Roll up your shirt collar and get ready for a new and exciting chapter in the Cantona saga.

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Duration: 1t, 30 min u/pause
  • Sunday 7. April 2024 Kl. 19:00
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