A digital taste of Pinot Noir

A digital taste of Pinot Noir

An unbeatable double-bill: Merete Bø´s Pinot Noir world-tour and singer-songwriter Shaun Bartlett live.




Bærum Kulturhus

Noted wine-expert Merete Bø and celebrated singer-songwriter Shaun Bartlett join forces for a double bill in the digital realm: a night devoted to the world´s finest Pinot Noirs and Bartletts new songs.

Merete Bø is widely regarded as one of the country´s foremost wine-experts, and her column in Dagens Næringsliv is a must read for a steadily growing national audience. For this Pinot Noir-themed digital wine tasting, Bø has compiled a selection of her favourites from French, American, Kiwi as well as German wineyards.

Purchase a ticket to the live-stream, head over to Vinmonopolet to sample the selected wines and join a fellowship of like-minded wine connoisseurs on the 29th of April. This will not be a lecture in the traditional sense: questions can be posted in the live-stream´s chat, enabling a fruitful two-way conversation between Bø, Bærum Kulturhus´own sommelier Kjell-Tore Senkpiel and the audience.

A grand opening and fitting finale to the A digital taste of Pinot Noir will be delivered by celebrated artist Shaun Bartlett, whose latest album “Roots and Veins” has garnered rave reviews in the national music press. His multi-faceted and appealing songwriting is the perfect compliment to the challenging but also rewarding wine grape that is the evening´s focal point.

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