Jeffrey's Reverie

Jeffrey's Reverie

The words & music of celebrated songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Wasserman




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Jeffrey’s Reverie is an ensemble of stellar Norwegian, American & Swedish multi-instrumentalist acoustic musicians gathered together to perform the words & music of Jeff Wasserman – the American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & ambassador of traditional American Folk musics living in Norway.



Jeff Wasserman – vocals, guitar, mandolin, cittern, mandocello, fiddle,
Jeffrey A. Wasserman grew up in the small village of East Norwich near Oyster Bay on the north coast of Long Island. He debuted at the age of 18 as a solo artist opening concerts for the blues legends Pink Andersen and Sam Chatman (The Mississippi Sheiks) and Ry Cooder. He also toured with Jeff Davis and Jeff Warner (son of folk music collector Frank Warner) with a wide ranging repertoire of American traditional folk and string band music performing at clubs, universities, cafes, house concerts as well as contra and square dance events up and down the East coast of the United States.

Jeff Davis – fiddle, banjo, fretless Frank Proffitt banjo, mandocello, mandolin, guitar, bones, jaw’s harp, vocals
Jeff Wasserman’s folk music mentor from the days of his youth, Davis is now one of America’s most respected collectors and interpreters of traditional music. 

Anne Marit Bergheim – Guitar, tenor Guitar, Mandolin, mandocello, accordion, piano, harmonica, vocals
Anne Marit is a multi-instrumentalist and extremely colorful performer. She is a member of the internationally acclaimed band Katzenjammer. She also plays with Marius Graff in the TeleGram group and is a very active ingredient in the new Americana / Bluegrass wave in Norway.

Gideon Andersson – Acoustic Bass, Mandolin, Spoons, Gjembe, vocals
Gideon is a recognized multi-instrumentalist with a long and varied career. He is a member of the Celtic music trio “Quilty” with, among other things, Esbjørn Hazelius and he also played / toured with Sofia Karlsson and made joint projects with classical tuba virtuoso Øystein Baadsvik. 

Marius Graff – banjo, guitar, resonator guitar, mandocello,
Marius is one of Norway’s most solid and versatile musicians. He has collaborated with top shelf Norwegian artists such as – Lillebjørn Nilsen, Marit Larsen, Jan Eggum, Stein Torleif Bjella. He is a member of the band TeleGram and the Erlend Viken Trio.

Olav Christer Rossebø – fiddle, viola, mandolin, mandola
Rossebø is known from bands like Lady Hardanger, Frøkedal, Geitungen, Andreas Bjørkås Trio, Earlybird Stringband and Bergen Mandolin Band. He has worked as a freelance folk musician since 2008 and has fifteen releases with his own band behind him. He’s had several extended stays in the United States, gaining an in-depth knowledge of American folk music.


Price: 175 - 320
Duration: 90 min. u/pause
  • Wednesday 10. November 2021 Kl. 19:30
    This show is played


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