Denes Varjon

Cancelled - the Budapest pianist Dénes Várjon's first Norwegian recital is cancelled.


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Bærum Kulturhus

Internationally celebrated pianist Dénes Várjon set to perform Beethoven, Schumann and Bartók-renditions for his first Norwegian live performance.

Várjon's sensational technique, deep musicality, wide range of interest have made him one of the most exciting and highly regarded participants of international musical life. He is a universal musician: excellent soloist, first-class chamber musician, artistic leader of festivals, highly sought–after piano pedagogue.


Concert info

Price: 170 - 480
Duration: 2 timer m/pause
  • Sunday 1. November 2020 Kl. 19:30
    This show is played

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Bærum Kulturhus
Claude Monets allé 27
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