En Jukebox-musikal

En Jukebox-musikal

Art Musikal- og ballettskole invites you to a not-to-be-missed musical


Sandvika Teater


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Welcome to a Jukebox musical!

What happens when one of the greatest dramas in world history, an immortal classic, and the tragedy of all tragedies must be rewritten to fit the contemporary era? The ensemble develops a story that is something other than a tale of a damsel in distress, where the prince has to save her. Something other than tragic love and the romanticization of the inevitable dramatic end of a main character. They create a story about a strong girl, who gets to grow up, make mistakes, fall in love—and fall in love again. All woven together with familiar hits in a new guise, grand dance numbers, and impressive vocal feats. This will be a story you won't soon forget.

Because our princess is not interested in being a damsel in distress much longer.


Price: 0 - 290
Duration: 2 timer m/pause

Sandvika Teater

Kinoveien 2
1337 Sandvika

En Jukebox-musikal
9. JUNE kl 16.00 + 1 more
0 - 290 Kr