Colors in motion

Colors in motion

New and colorful performance from KGB Dance & Ballet!


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KGB dans & ballett

Unsleash the colors, it's springtime! KGB Dance & Ballet presents a brand new performance with the oldest students from the Sandvika and CC Vest branches. They have brought out buckets of paint in all the colors of the world and plan to paint the stage full of life and vibrant dances. They mix and blend, stirring until red and white become pink, blue and yellow become green, red and blue become purple, and red and yellow become orange! Some dance in delicate pastels, while others rock in neon.

KGB Dance & Ballet promises a dazzling performance with jazz dance, classical, contemporary dance, and hip hop!

Sales start on March 20.

Price: 0 - 365
Duration: 1 t, 45 min m/pause
  • Saturday 25. May 2024 Kl. 12:00
  • Saturday 25. May 2024 Kl. 16:00
  • Sunday 26. May 2024 Kl. 12:00
  • Sunday 26. May 2024 Kl. 16:00

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Colors in motion
25. MAY kl 12.00 + 3 more
0 - 365 Kr