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Sandvika Teater


BærMuDa Mini

"Once upon a time, a very long time ago, in a land far away where nights are black..."

So begins the story of the poor boy Aladdin, a beautiful but spoiled princess, a magical lamp, and the evil Jafar. Aladdin grows up in an orphanage where he and the other children must work and toil from morning until night. The wicked Jafar is on a quest for the magical lamp hidden deep within a cave. The genie residing in the lamp is said to fulfill Jafar's wishes for wealth and power.

Step into the adventure and be captivated by the story, the beautiful and colorful costumes, grand dance numbers, talented singers, leading actors, and BærMuDa Mini's own house orchestra.

Price: 0 - 295
Duration: 2 timer m/pause

Sandvika Teater

Kinoveien 2
1337 Sandvika

5. MARCH kl 18.00 + 7 more
Few tickets
0 - 295 Kr