Magiske Hedvig Dahl

Magiske Hedvig Dahl

A musical comedy presented by BærMuDa Ungdom


Lille Scene


BærMuDa Ungdom

BærMuDa Ungdom has the world premiere of the musical "Magiske Hedvig Dahl."

Hedvig Dahl doesn't fit in at Hellebakken School, but one day her wish comes true: she receives an invitation to attend a magic school! The joy is short-lived when it turns out that the invitation was actually meant for her only friend.

In a desperate attempt to find her place, she chooses to go to the magic school, but how will she hide the fact that she has no magic?

"Magical Hedvig Dahl" is a musical comedy suitable for all ages, but please note that the performance contains loud sounds and teenage issues such as friendship, loneliness, and belonging.

Price: 0 - 265
Duration: 2 t, 30 min m/pause
  • Sunday 21. January 2024 Kl. 13:00
    This show is played

Lille Scene

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