Little top

Little top

A magical Scottish circus experience for children aged 0-18 months.




Bærum Kulturhus

Welcome to a magical Scottish circus experience for the very youngest.

Between 0-18 months, we explore gravity and what it does to our bodies and movements. In Little Top, children get to play through balance games, falls, and juggling in a mini version of a circus tent.

Colors, upside-down movements, and joy – this is the circus where the very youngest get time to develop some of life's most important skills.

Superfan and Starcatchers are two Scottish organizations creating art and culture for children and young people.


Little Top is intended for the very youngest children, and there are only tickets for 20 children per performance. Due to sightlines, the stage design, and the children's age, we recommend no more than one adult per child.

Price: 0 - 185
Duration: 45 min
  • Saturday 9. March 2024 Kl. 14:00
    This show is played


Bærum Kulturhus
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