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Kaveh Rashidi

Relax Your Shoulders! - A Lecture


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"Relax Your Shoulders! - A Refreshing Approach to Health and Happiness"

Everywhere you turn, someone is eager to tell you what you must do to become a healthier person. Health advice is abundant, outlining the path to becoming the best version of yourself.

But do you really need all of this to be healthy and happy? No!

If anything, the relentless focus on doing everything right might make us sicker. In a society constantly urging us to be perfect, this lecture offers a breath of fresh air, presented in a light-hearted, sharp, and inspiring manner. Instead of incessantly improving health, Rashidi demonstrates the value of using health to live a good life!

Embracing a more carefree approach to health? Through science and research, Rashidi explains how we can achieve better health by doing less. He takes us into the doctor's office but also encourages us to understand ourselves better as individuals. Only then can we focus on the most important and effective health advice, confidently ignoring everything else—whether it be dietary recommendations, exercise tips, pills, or health check-ups.

In January, Rashidi releases his fourth book, "Relax Your Shoulders." Let this be the year you achieve your health goals simply by easing your burdens.

Kaveh Rashidi is a general practitioner and specialist in general medicine, known as a prominent figure in public discourse and an award-winning physician. In addition to his medical practice, he is a columnist for Aftenposten and hosts the podcast "Health Enlightenment" on Podme.

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  • Wednesday 10. April 2024 Kl. 19:00
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