Photographer: Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


The local cultural scene celebrates Bærum Kulturhus' 20th anniversary


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Bærum Kulturhus

Bærum Kulturhus was completed in September 2003. Since then, thousands of young local actors, dancers, and musicians have showcased their talents for an enthusiastic audience.

In addition, world-class artists have graced the same stage, conveying national and international culture at the highest level. Together, this has created a unique cultural hub and a source of pride for the municipality.

The anniversary will be celebrated with a grand performance featuring dance and music from the diverse and rich cultural life of Bærum.

Detailed program information will be available.

Sales start on March 1st.

Price: 0 - 225
Duration: 2 timer m/pause
  • Sunday 21. April 2024 Kl. 15:00
    This show is played

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Bærum Kulturhus
Claude Monets allé 27
1338 Sandvika