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Harald Eia

The Great We – a keynote speech


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Everyone desires more team spirit, a stronger sense of community, and a better team dynamic, but how is the good feeling of belonging created? What makes many people shy away from awkward attempts to create a "great team"?

Harald shares how he discovered the feeling that pushes us into a strong sense of "we" and how to trigger this feeling. It might sound like New Age, but this is cutting-edge psychological science that will provide you with plenty of tools to make your job (and your family) a more cohesive "we."

Harald Eia is best known for comedy programs on TV but also has a passion for conveying knowledge in an entertaining way. In shows like "Hjernevask," "Brille," the personality podcast "Sånn er du/Big 5," and the NRK series about Norwegian society, "Sånn er Norge," Harald Eia has delighted the Norwegian people with new and surprising insights.

Harald Eia has the ability to combine humor and knowledge in a unique and engaging way. With a lecture from Eia, you can expect an experience that both entertains and inspires. Harald is not only interested in comedy but also has a deep passion for science. He holds a degree in sociology from UiO and started making humor programs on NRK after working as a college teacher for a year.

In addition to audio and visual productions, he has written several popular science books. "Født sånn eller blitt sånn" is about which psychological traits are innate and which are shaped by upbringing and the society around us. "Hva forskes det på her?" is a fun knowledge book inspired by the TV program "Brille."

Why do Norwegians feel freer than Americans? What really makes us find something funny? Why are we moved by watching "Hver gang vi møtes"? Why are Norwegians more trusting than Brits and Italians? Which psychological buttons must be pressed to give people a sense of being part of a team?

The common thread in Harald's work is curiosity, a strong joy in conveying information, and a firm belief that knowledge is the key to a better and more efficient life and work.

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