Sverre Indris Joner & Oslo Chamber Orchestra

Sverre Indris Joner & Oslo Chamber Orchestra

A SanFiesta Sandvika Latin festival event




Sandvika Internasjonale Kulturfestival

Pianist/composer/orchestra leader Sverre Indris Joner is considered a pioneer and elder statesman in Latin American music in Norway.

Here, we get to hear him alongside the Oslo Chamber Orchestra and violin soloist and concertmaster Karl Espegard, a dedicated tango musician who receives praise for his collaborations with various Argentine musicians and singers.

Joner has put together an exciting program featuring spirited Argentine tango and some detours into other Latin American countries and traditions. We also get to meet Joner as a composer with several works recorded, among others, by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK).

This concert promises both heartfelt passion and festive fireworks!

Ticket sales start on March 1.

Price: 0 - 330
Duration: 75 min u/pause
  • Friday 7. June 2024 Kl. 18:00
    This show is played