Et dukkehjem

Et dukkehjem

Puppet theater featuring puppets, humans, music, and video projections by Plexus Polaire. Inspired by Henrik Ibsen's world-renowned plays. Part of the Hedda Days 2024.


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In a house haunted by life-sized dolls, dead birds, and a possessed women's choir, you are invited to a visually transformative journey beneath the surface of one of the world's most performed plays. Puppets, humans, music, and video projections greet you in this space filled with shattered illusions, inspired by Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House.

Director Yngvild Aspeli's intention:

– It all started with the sound of a bird crashing into my window. It was a rainy day, and I sat at the kitchen table, curled up with a large cup of coffee and a good book when I heard a "thud" against the window. This brief but immediately recognizable sound made me close my eyes instantly. The sound of a bird crashing into my window. "Thud." The sound echoed through my body, as if the vibrations stirred up long-still waters, creating circling ripples that grew until they filled my eyes. It was as if, in that moment when the bird's legs cracked against the glass, something inside me also cracked.

Annoyed by my own melodramatics, I wiped my eyes, picked up my book, and took another sip of coffee. But the coffee had a bitter taste I hadn't noticed before, and I couldn't concentrate on what I was reading. With a sigh, I put the book down and walked over to the bookshelf. I stood there for a moment, my eyes scanning among the titles, my hand hovering in front of the book spines, the sound of that bird still beating against my ribcage. And my hand landed on A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen.

Nora, the protagonist in A Doll's House, is known as a bright-winged, chirping skylark. And she crashes, headfirst, into the invisible glass surface of her own existence. A Doll's House is an old house filled with ghosts that still haunt us today. A story about the roles we play, the games we gamble, the illusions we surround ourselves with. It's about grasping and letting go, and dancing as if your life depends on it.

And I am going to create A Doll's House that shakes and cracks and unleashes the old ghosts. A creepy blend of actors and puppets, illusion and reality, dead birds, and shattered windows. — Yngvild Aspeli, director.

NOTE: The performance is in English.

Price: 0 - 450
Duration: 1t, 20 min u/pause
  • Thursday 13. June 2024 Kl. 19:00
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