The Lake of Death

The Lake of Death

A multimedia thriller.




Rykte Teater

RYKTE presents «The Lake of Death» dramatised by Erik Borchsenius, based on a novel by Bernhard Borge (pseudonym for André Bjerke).

A happy gang arrive at a forest cabin in Norway. They hope to find Bjørn Werner, who has disappeared and is reported missing. The cabin is empty, when they arrive, but they find Werner’s diary.

The cabin belonged to Tore Gruvik, who killed his sister and her lover, and drowned himself in the lake.

Bernhard Borge, his wife Sonja, psychologist Kari Bugge, literary critic Gabrielle Mørk, lawyer Harald Gran and Werner’s sister Liljan try to solve Werner’s disappearance.

Everything leads them to the supernatural forces that are at work. Gruvik’s spirit grips everyone and tries to seduce them to drown themselves in the lake. Will the friends be the lake’s next victims?

A multimedia performance with a higher level of excitement..

Direction; sound/lighting: Erik Borchsenius.

Makeup: Maja Korbøl.

Supported by Bærum kommune, Viken fylke, Kulturrådet and Frifond Teater

Price: 0 - 330
Duration: 1 time
  • Sunday 27. March 2022 Kl. 14:00
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Bærum Kulturhus
Claude Monets allé 27
1338 Sandvika