Sonia Loinsworth

Sonia Loinsworth


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World Music concert.

The pandemic is putting pressure on all of us, in varying degrees.
This concert offers you a free space where you can listen deeper into yourself while enjoying the music. Something as simple as feeling your breath, heart, and how privileged one really is, can disappear in stress and worries.

Treat yourself to a beautiful meditative concert, a musical sanctuary that works!

Sonia Loinsworth is a singer, composer, author, cultural producer and serial entrepreneur.
She has a 30-year career behind her as a singer with self-written music and has traveled around Europe with concerts and teaching singing and mindfulness combined. She has released 4 albums with her own music internationally, in the time of CDs, and has played over 3000 concerts.

Sonia is inspired by vocal music from many of the great world traditions, from Gregorian chant, harmonic singing in both the golden and the nasal / Tuvinian vocal ideal, classical Hindustani (North Indian raga), Arabic vocal ornaments, and the metallic sound ideal from the Himalayan region.

Audience feedback from concerts in Vigelandsmausoléet in Oslo:

"What a concert experience! You will be taken on a magical journey. A journey through existential pain and hope. A sound bath of other dimensions, which makes your hair stand on end. Recommended!"

"Thank you for a wonderful concert experience yesterday. It was so monumental and quiet at the same time, and absolutely extraordinarily beautiful. I have never heard anyone sing Kyrie Eleison that way before, so exotic and at the same time meditative."

"Thank you for a FANTASTIC concert. The reverberation in Mausoleèt gave the song a stronger expression and made it wonderfully beautiful. The hairs rose! It resonated deep inside the soul."

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