The forest

The forest

What is hiding in the forest? find out with a dancer and a musician. For kids 3–5 years.




Bærum Kulturhus

In the forest
Deep inside 
Behind it 
Through and beyond  
Let's go inside! 
Deep inside 
Did you hear that?

Photographer: Christian Paulsen

A dancer and a musician takes us into a fantasy forest. A wonderous, fun, sensational and exciting performance.
Hear, see, and experience all the wierd, quirky and curios things that can occur inside of a forest.
This is not a story, but many small meetings and moments with movements, music and moments that triggers your curiosity and mind. Including an interactive play session with the performers and the stage.

Picture of the performers in I skogen

Price: 100 - 160
Duration: 30 min.
  • Saturday 20. November 2021 Kl. 14:00
    This show is played


Bærum Kulturhus
Claude Monets allé 27
1338 Sandvika