Story, story, die

Story, story, die

Seven dancers in search of everlasting recognition. By winter guests/Alan Lucien Øyen


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Bærum Kulturhus

Photographer: Mats Bäcker

With seven extraordinary international dancers, Story, story, die, looks at the context betweeen lies and love: What we'll do to be appreciated.

The narcissism of todays "Me" generation is clear as the daylight.
We constantly arrange our everyday to appear the best for others. We're willing to lie about ourselfs, and stage the perfect lives. Both in real life and on social media.

But his happiness is fleeting, and your slf-realization manifests as someone elses recognition. At the end we're neither happy or unhappy, content but not content. This modern love is not unconditional. It relies on success, and the digital interest and respons is soon enough gone ...

“A radiant piece of performing art... Story, story, die aims at the heart and hits.

The performance is a masterly compilation of words, music, hyper-detailed choreography in a form that oscillates between the absolute concrete and totally abstract.”

It’s marvelous. And fantastic.”


Photographer: Mats Bäcker


Watch Me, Want Me, Hug Me, Hold Me, Hurt Me, Hate Me, Help Me, Hide Me, Stop Me, Try Me, Trust Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Catch Me, Keep Me, Remember Me, Call Me, Find Me, Fuck Me, Follow Me, Fake Me, Like Me, Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, Love Me ...”

Om Alan Lucien Øyen


Alan Lucien Øyen is one of Norways most versatile performing arts creators today. He is as comfortable with theatre as with dance creation, and writes his own scripts. Along side his work with winter guests he has already created full evening performances for heavy weights such as Opéra Paris, and Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. 


Portrait of choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen
All the dancers in Story, story, die by winter guests/Alan Lucien Øyen

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